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海词词典 dict.cn

This expansive Chinese-English dictionary, sea-like in it's depth and vastness, was brought back to life by my work and our team's take over of this project in 2019. The dict.cn domain was established in 2003, and was the #1 Online Chinese Digital Dictionary at inception. Our goal was to revitalize this outdated application with a large variety of new English-learning themed features.

Development Snapshot

We believed that we could effictively insert ourselves into the English-learning marketing in China by positioning ourselves as a dictionary first. This allowed us to maintain our value proposition as a worthy utility app, and gave us time to develop our image as an authority in teaching applications in the minds of our users.

Brendon Powell

Product / Operations / Marketing Manager

I managed a small but savvy marketing & operations team while focusing my individual efforts on the product development of our snack-able content and on creating business relationships with English teachers on YouTube — such as Jennifer ESL.

刘叶: Judith Liu

Product Operations

Judith  was one of my key reports and was responsible for customer service as well as managing our social media presence. Later into the project, she became the main liaison between the business and English-learning content creators.

Designed to Last

We hypothesized that we could create a powerful, yet lightweight, daily workout companion that could be used from anywhere -- Even At Work -- The over-arching goal always being to create and focus on unique value propositions wherever possible.

Live-Model Demos

Utilizing one of the benefits of our unique positioning in China, we inexpensively filmed and produced live-model exercise examples for in-app demonstrations, and this was one factor that easily set us apart from the competition.

APIs & Databases

Building from our past applications, we created a unique diet plan centered around how-to-cook video recipes sourced from our own health and wellness database, pulling nutritional values directly from the USDA.gov API.

Fitness Tracking

Most health & fitness apps try to provide one or two fixes, forcing their customers to try many different solutions. We opted for a more comprehensive approach, packing in step and calorie tracking combined with goals.

Ocean Blue Is The New Black

Just like 30 Day Workout, we wanted to simplify the initial on-boarding process as much as possible. The main difference here being that we had a large amount of returning users, so accommodating their habits while optimizing and updating was a major challenge.

The Freemium Premium

Most new users download many of similar apps before making a decision on which to keep. So free demos, optimized ad triggers, and access to paid features is paramount in the Chinese market.

Fitted Study Plans

Intuitive and non-invasive, users pick and choose what their study goals are and which examinations they're planning to take. This sets the stage for how features react to them as they move forward.

Snackable Content

Studying is boring. We solved that by providing curated short-videos from well known sources, focusing on specific topics and programmed for the entire week.

This Cake's Got Layers

Born to be a digital one-stop-shop that is not only light-weight but also chock-full of useful fitness tools -- Our dream was to help our users achieve theirs faster and easier than ever before.

Stats for Days

Goal tracking and progress bars that count calories burned for every exercise performed.

Conveniently Accessible

Work out at home or at the office with customized fitness challenges -- No equipment necessary.

Keeping on Track

Hundreds of in-depth, calorie counting, and fun cooking video recipes that set diet plans on the right path.

Targeted to HIIT

Body weight exercise routines that increase in difficulty on a non-linear scale -- Targeting the full body and building muscle balance throughout.

Just Walk it Off

Using built-in pedometers, track and set step goals and reach them with daily reminders and notifications.

Real VS Animated

Combining live-model video guidance, exercise demontrations, and spoken cues -- Maintaining proper form is no longer an issue.

Snackables: The New & Improved Way To Learn

More than 1 Million Users Can't Be Wrong

Feel the Burn has made a huge difference in my life. No matter what your current fitness level is, anyone can start with these workouts. Thank you for it 👍🏼👏 It's 19/03/19 and still using it. I'm a mom with 3 girls and I love this app. I share it with all my friends and family.

Anusha Gowriah Android User

It's excellent! I love it! The app makes you focus on something specific, it's sensational. The truth fascinates me a lot, I recommend it for women who do not have time to go to the gym, all the exercises very easy and hard at the same time.

Cinthya Pulido Android User

I have been in full quarantine with this app, it is very good! I like that you count the exercises while you are doing them, and the little music also helps. I don't know if I lost weight, but my muscles are definitely stronger. Thank you!

Candella Latorre Android User

Super recommendable. Once you have selected your goal, you are advancing at a slow but steady pace. You don't realize that you did 1 hour of exercise resting only 40sec. I love it, I'm already going for the 2nd week of daily exercise.

Micaela Yegro Android User

Such a great workout app!!! I love the interface and all the routines and workouts. It tells you exactly how you're supposed to do each workout. 5/5! 😁

Tiffany Delacruz Android User
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App Download

While I have exited the project in May 2020, the app still exists in all it's glory. Please feel free to download and take a look if you'd like to see some of my most recent work. I'm especially proud of the snackable video feature that I designed and the lesson material that I was able to negotiate into the app.