Hello there.

General Personi, you are a bold one.

Since its my move, please allow me this opportunity to italicize that I have been trained in your employment arts with many years of experience as a scrappy solution seeker. I am conveniently cross-functional, neatly nerdy, and revel in the chance to deal with your excellency, myself.
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Curriculum Vitae!
Hello there.

Mobile App Portfolio

What I Love Doing

Work hard to play hard! That’s what my Gran always said anyway, probably.

Product Development

Building, creating, and scaling digital masterpieces.

Port My Folio

Operations and Marketing

Managing online businesses with patience and curiosity to facilitate the discovery of needs that transcend want and desire.

Mind the Block

User Experience [UX] Design

Designing responsive, interactive and intuitive apps that provide tangible solutions for communities that truly need them.

Feel A Burn

I won’t bite, hard.

If you have any questions about my portfolio and CV, or even if you just want to say hello, please feel free to contact me. The button below is a mailto link for my email and my LinkedIn can be found in the header and footer of this website.