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Quarry: Blockchain Distilled

Designed to be the fastest, most convenient way to win airdrops, browse ÐApps, keep track of tokens, and stay ahead of the curve on up-and-coming blockchain projects.

For crypto newbies and veterans alike, Quarry was there to help navigate the mine field -- pun intended -- of budding cryptocurrencies gaining traction around the world.

This app is no longer available in app stores.

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Why did we build Quarry?

Aiming to capitalize on the crypto-craze of 2017, we positioned our mobile application as a money-making, crytpo rewards & discovery platform. We saw a lot of confusion and distrust with ICOs and ÐApps as more and more were launched, and we also saw socially incentivized, competitive content elements as a fun answer to these problems.

There was a lack of straightforward and innovative mobile crypto apps tackling information asymmetry, and we were established well-enough that we could execute our go-to-market strategy quickly by building off of our past social-content applications.

1 year 6 months
1 CEO ⋅ 1 CTO ⋅ 4 Engineers
1 Product Manager (Me) ⋅ 1 Designer
1 Content Manager ⋅ 1 Social Media Manager


Airdrops are a major part of the marketing budget for nearly all blockchain projects, but for prospective users this is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor, even for diehard fans. So we brainstormed a number of solutions and centered around features that helped streamline the participation requirements and submission process. We also decided to give all new users a complementary ERC20 cryptocurrency wallet to be used alongside these features.

Below is a sampling of +100 blockchain projects I researched and promoted in the app while working closely with our Content Manager and back end developers. Each campaign had it's own unique rules for payout, and I designed a feature to track that as well.

Key Insight / Secret Sauce: The most lucrative way to maximize coinage from an airdrop campaign is always referrals. So I championed a feature that gave our users a way to submit their own referral links back to us to use and seamlessly boost their payout from these companies.

Mood, Voice and Branding

Blockchain -- for better or for worse -- has an inherent (some might even say incessant) meme culture, and so we opted for a playful yet credible vibe when communicating with our social media fans and when pushing for new installs.

impact stats for nerds: 28 day, peak

Back in 2018, purchasing ad-space for anything cryptocurrency related was blocked on a lot of ad platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.). To curcumvent this, I optimized SEO / ASO for our listings in the Google Play and Apple app stores. Then I created an in-app airdrop campaign of our own where I incentivized word-of-mouth evangelization for our app with ETH (a cryptocurrency that is actively traded on exchanges), something no other airdrop was currently doing.

This innovated approach allowed me to keep user acquisition cost as low as 0.20 cents per install, with LTV ranging from 0.20 cents to $1.00 on average.

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User Personas & Discovery


Satoshi, the enthusiast


  • Invests in well-known cryptocurrencies
  • Consumes blockchain related news
  • Answers friends’ questions about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency
  • Advocates for favorite blockchain projects


  • 35 years old, married male
  • Lives in San Francisco, CA
  • Income: $100,000 USD

Needs & Goals

  • Stay informed
  • Discuss blockchain with others
  • Cash-out of crypto one day

Doge, the gambler


  • Buys high risk / high return cryptocurrencies
  • Active user in niche reddit communities like r/WallStreetBets
  • Uses memes to cover pain from financial losses
  •  Always looking for next big score


  • 30 years old, married male
  • Lives in Dallas, TX
  • Income: $200,000 USD

Needs & Goals

  • Get rich or go broke
  • Investment as entertainment
  • Anonymous community

Felix, the normie


  • Has FOMO and FUD:
    • Fear Of Missing Out
    • Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.
  • Lurker inside online investment communities
  • Curious about blockchain and cryptocurrency as an investment
  • Looking for trustworthy information
  • Doesn’t understand market trends
  • Consistently buys high and sells low


  • 22 years old, unmarried male
  • Lives in Raleigh, NC
  • Income: $50,000 USD

Needs & Goals

  • Make better investment decisions
  • Discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency with others
  • Reduce FOMO and FUD

How Did We Do?

What is there not to like? You have an amazing way to connect to the cryptocurrency world and you get free airdrops that will build your crypto portfolio.

Ron Beck Android User

Excellent source of news and legitimate airdrops. I'm convinced that there are two kinds of crypto investors: Those who have Quarry notifications on and those who don't. The former are bound to have more money.

Sean O'Connor Android User

I have enjoyed my time in Quarry, and it only gets better everyday. The devs and community are super helpful when needed. Also, there is a lot of useful information posted in the app which has helped educate me regarding the world of cryptocurrency.

Shawn Carr Android User

Very deep app with all you need to find all the airdrops. Built in ETH wallet and all the latest news with tons of fun games. This is an app that will go places.

David Smuth Android User

It's actually easy to use and the articles are kinda interesting so you won't get bored. The best part about it is that you get rewarded with coins every time you're active!

Anonymous Android User
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Sorry, we ceased operations for Quarry in early 2019. I redesigned the Token Block Friends website as a tribute page for Quarry and all the Quarriors who made building the app a blast. Click or tap the button below to visit Quarry's digital graveyard and to get a feel for this project while it was in production and to learn more about people who put their blood / sweat / tears into it.